Looking for a good Fork?

Good Grips Nylon Fork from OXO

That got your attention didn’t it. Yes, this is the good fork you are looking for. We all love Jon Favreau’s carving fork from Chef but it’s metal and doesn’t play nice with teflon and other non-stick pans.

The Good Grips Nylon Fork from OXO is just the thing. This is the cutlery we were looking for. The nylon fork is safe for non-stick cookware and heat resistant to 400°F. And of course it’s dishwasher safe. But wait, there’s more, it’s 13 inches long!

Want to be able to poke, prod, turn and flip your various meat products without scratching your precious non-stick pan? This is the fork for you. It’s a good fork.

OXO Good Grips Nylon Fork from Amazon


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