Halloween Skull Cutlery

Halloween Skull Cutlery

Every year we try to find some new cutlery for Halloween and this year’s find is a real treat. This is some scary flatware for the Halloween dining room table.

Sadly it has the longest and most unwieldly name: “OIULO Pattern Matte Silverware Set for 8, 40-Piece Square Handle Matte Black Flatware set,Unique Pattern Design, Satin Finish Cutlery for 8 ,Utensils for Kitchens Dishwasher Safe”. So it’s a good thing we have the link to it below for you.

This 40 piece silverware set includes 8 dinner spoons, 8 dinner forks ,8 dinner knifes, 8 salad dessert forks , and 8 teaspoons. Made of 18/0 stainless steel with a high quality titanium black coating that we wouldn’t recommend for the dishwasher lest you lose those cool skulls!

Halloween Skull Cutlery available on Amazon


10 Ideas to improvise a Spoon out of Garbage

Most of the time here at the Cutlery Review we talk about flatware you can find at the store or online to purchase. It’s not often we have an example of DIY cutlery. But this amazing video from Felix Immler is a great example of what you can do to improvise a spoon when all you have is garbage. Enjoy!


The Pastry fork, Pie fork or Cake fork

We were watching a movie the other day (don’t ask which one) and a character brought in a plate and said the following line: “It’s Rugelach served with a cake fork.” Of course we jumped at the words “cake fork”, and that led to a deep dive research into what is a “cake fork”? This was new flatware to us. Unknown cutlery as it were.

According to Wikipedia: A pastry fork, pie fork or cake fork is a fork designed for eating pastries and other desserts from a plate. The fork has three or four tines. The three-tine fork has a larger, flattened and beveled tine on the side while the four-tine fork has the first and second tine connected or bridged together and beveled.

So one of those tines is different, why? Here’s the rub: It therefore the left side widened to be used like a knife to cut the food when pressed down on the plate. Left-handed pastry forks have the right side widened instead.

So it’s a right or left handed fork with a special edge for cutting cake and that little notch in it for who knows why?

Let us tell you why. It’s not just used for cake and pasties. It’s used for fish and meat to as the notch can be used to help remove pieces of skin and delicate bones from your meal. Wow, this is getting confusing but interesting.

So you want to buy a pastry/cake/pie/meat/fish fork? Pictured above is the Fortessa Lucca Faceted Appetizer/Cake Fork. It’s made of dishwasher safe 18/10 stainless steel and sold in a pack of twelve. Look close in the photo, it’s got the notch!

Buy the Fortessa Lucca Faceted Appetizer/Cake Fork from Amazon


Beautiful Brass Spoons by zzzojka

Spoons by zzzojka

While scrolling through a popular website the other day we came across the photo above. Us and everyone else was amazed by the wonderous and creative spoon designs. They are not currently for sale but that doesn’t keep us from appreciating the incredible work. Creative cutlery at it’s best. This is fine flatware.

We reached out to the creator for permission to post the photo and they agreed. Here’s a few comments from the creator about their work:

Yep, spoons are a cool thing, they fight gravity to feed us 🙂

That’s brass that they use to make cooking pots from, copper+zinc, lead free : I’m still shocked you can make jewelry and basic metalsmith at home, lol 🙂 First you cut shapes with a jeweller’s saw frame, sand edges, then solder parts with a portable gas torch, clean and polish, done!

It is kind of affordable if you thriftshop (I hope it’s the right term) tools and learn with youtube 🙂 Have a look at “riogrande” – they have some classes on basics. Maybe it will work out for you!

Check out more of work by zzzojka on Instagram