Babish: Mandalorian Popsicles / Lightsaber Chopsticks

Well, Babish is at it again with some interesting pop culture food. This time he’s looking at The Mandalorian which is an amazing Star Wars television program that we all her at The Cutlery Review enjoy a great deal. In the video above he works to produce working glowing Mandalorian Popsicles and to give the […]

Babish 20-Piece Stainless Steel Flatware Set

Finally our friend Babish has his own set of cutlery. We knew it was coming but it was a long time coming. It’s what you would expect from Babish, simple and effective. This 20 piece set of cutlery is made of dishwasher safe 18/8 stainless steel. It consists of four dinner knives, four dinner forks, […]

Binging with Babish: Chef Carving Fork

Well, he’s finally done it. Babish has released his own version of the infamous Jon Favreau’s Carving Fork from the movie “Chef” full backstory in the link. That carving fork has really sparked the imagination of many chefs out there and I think it has something to do with the scene in the movie with […]

Binging with Babish Cookware & Cutlery

Well our man crush Babish has finally cashed in his popular chips for a line of cookware and cutlery. Sadly we don’t see much for cutlery or flatware other than tongs but he has knives, knives and knives. Oh and bowls and measure cups. And no tiny whisks? (oh wait, TINY WHISK SET RESTOCK COMING […]