Babish has a Tiny Whisk

Babish has a Tiny Whisk and he’s proud of it. We’ve talked about Babish and his Tiny Whisk before here at The Cutlery Review. And now he’s talking about it again with NYT Cooking in the video “10 Things Binging With Babish Can’t Cook Without” which is shown above. He starts talking about his Tiny […]

Pink Tiny Whisk

We all know that Babish has a Tiny Whisk. And we all know about how AI is going to take over our blogging jobs. So we asked the AI thinking machine to write a poem about Babish’s Pink Tiny Whisk. Your pink tiny whisk, oh how it gleams,In your hand, a tool of culinary dreams,With […]

Tiny Whisk or Flat Whisk?

Tiny Whisk or Flat Whisk? Let’s see what top YouTube cooks think… Babish loves his Tiny Whisk. As seen below: And J. Kenji López-Alt kind of infers that he started the Tiny Whisk craze first: So the Tiny or Mini whisk seems to be a popular choice for kitchen cutlery by these two fine gents. […]

Jon Favreau’s Carving Fork from the movie “Chef”

Today’s cutlery post is just what it says on the title. We have finally found Jon Favreau’s carving fork from the movie “Chef”. In the video screen shot above you can see Jon giving the original to Andrew Rea on the amazing YouTube show “Binging with Babish”. This is one of the less used but […]