President Trump eats Pizza with Cutlery

We’ve seen it happen before a few years ago here at The Cutlery Review with Mayor of New York Blasio. And we are seeing it happen again with the President of the United States eating his pizza with a knife and fork. I’m surprised he isn’t trying a spoon and blaming the spoon for […]

The Pizza Knife and Fork Combo Wheel

This has got to be the coolest and bestest pizza cutter and fork combo. It’s a multi-tasker kitchen cutlery tool that I’m sure Alton Brown would be OK with in his kitchen. And it’s a useful piece of flatware for the handicapped. It has a 10″ razor sharp blade that is a stainless steel angle […]

KitchenAid Architect Pizza Wheel

A while back we did a week of reviews on the various types of pizza cutters. The nice folks at KitchenAid have sent me their new pizza wheel that is part of the Architect Series. The first thing that struck me about this wheel style cutter is the heft and weight, this thing is built for […]

Pizza Week – Steel Pizza Cutter

It’s Pizza Week here at The Cutlery Review, we are reviewing kitchen utensils that are related to pizza. And in my opinion we have saved the best for last. The not so traditional but ever-so practical steel pizza cutter. Yup, just a big hunk of metal with a handle rolled into the top. Simple and […]