Extraterrestrials Leave a Giant Spoon on Mars!

ufo-hunters-think-theyve-found-a-giant-spoon-on-marsWow, that’s a clickbait title. But still, it’s an interesting photo and shows how if you are looking for cutlery then you can find it anywhere. Now if it was a fork or even spork that would be interesting interstellar flatware. Maybe this is where the missing spoons have been going?

To quote the article from the “Sun”:

ALIEN hunters have identified a “giant spoon” on Mars and claimed it’s evidence extraterrestrials once lived on the surface of the Red Planet.

The cutlery was spotted in images snapped by NASA’s Mars Rovers, prompting suggestions it was “probably left over from a lost civilisation”.

Um, I don’t think so. But still interesting.

Read the article at The Sun


BUG BUG – Cutlery for eating Insects

insect-cutleryI love cutlery designs from the art world, how can we forget even Salvador Dali got into it.

Wataru Kobayashi is a Japanese designer that has designed a flatware set for entomophagy (that means eating bugs).

This set includes a spatula for bug mushing, a fork, chopsticks and a set of pincers used for eating the larger crunchier and more dangerous bugs. And some nice ceramic plates as well. There is no spoon.

Now be warned that this is a concept art piece only but has a great statement about the current track we are headed on when it comes to world food:

“BUGBUG, the picnic cutlery set for eating insects” are for promoting people eat insects as a meal for a large-scale food crisis predicted in forthcoming 2050. The target users are a family of 2020 and the people who are highly concerned with food such as foodies. This product is designed for the minds how people avoid to be caused the food crisis and how people succeed food culture to next generations. BUGBUG is expected to have the different approach to head off the crisis. The product is meaningful to be joyful for eating insects and stretch food culture.’

Visit the Wataru Kobayashi for more info about BUG BUG



Sakum – The Jewish Spork?

spock-sporkThe image above is cute and punny in it’s own way. And there is a connection to this article on Haaretz.com even though it’s a tenuous one. I’ll leave it to the hardcore Star Trek fans to figure it out.

It’s turns out there is no Hebrew word for spork but they do have a great word that sums up all cutlery. Here’s a snippet from Haaretz.com:

“That acronym is sakum, which stands for sakin, kaf umazleg, “knife, spoon and fork.” Like “spork,” it doesn’t make the distinction between different kinds of spoons, with kaf, a soup spoon, tablespoon or serving spoon – basically a big spoon – standing in for both itself and its little sibling, the kapit, or teaspoon.”

It’s a great article about this word of the day.

Read more at www.Haaretz.com