How Cutlery is made!

how cutlery is made

Something a simple as a spoon takes a lot of thought, design and energy. I’m sure the fork and knife take effort as well and there are a lot of knife making videos out there. But what it takes to create flatware has always fascinated me.

So it was pretty interesting to discover a page on a manufacturers website about how their stamped cutlery is made. That company is Eternum and they are:

“Eternum is a Belgian company created in 1924 and specialized in the creation, production and sale of stainless steel cutlery and tableware.”

It’s interesting to read how cutlery has been created for years.

Learn about Cutlery Production at



Happy Holidays from The Cutlery Review

spoon licker

This is Spoon Licker. On December 15th, he sneaks into houses and licks the wooden spoon used to scrape pots. He is a Yule Lad that is part of Icelandic fork lore, I mean folklore.

And he is wishing all of you a Happy Holidays from The Cutlery Review!


Spoonful of Spoons Video

It’s called the “Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon” when you start noticing something everywhere. Like for instance you write a blog about cutlery and you really like the design of spoons. Then suddenly every single day you start seeing spoons everywhere. It’s a fatal flatware affliction.