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It’s called the “Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon” when you start noticing something everywhere. Like for instance you write a blog about cutlery and you really like the design of spoons. Then suddenly every single day you start seeing spoons everywhere. It’s a fatal flatware affliction.


Heavy Cutlery means better taste?

Heavy cutlery
Heavy cutlery

There is a great new food site from the people at Vice called Munchies.Vice.com and they have an interesting article about heavy cutlery. The results of a study at Oxford University state that food seems to taste better if you use heavy forks and knives. An experiment showed that the people using  weighty knives and forks thought their food actually tasted better that those who were given lightweight cutlery.

The image above shows Exercise Cutlery from a previous post of ours.

So what do you think? Do you notice that the food doesn’t get the respect it deserves if it’s served with something like plastic cutlery? I think so. So how do chopsticks affect the situation? Questions and more questions about flatware…

Read the Article at Munchies.Vice.com



What is it called? Cutlery, Flatware or Silverware?

flat flatwareAround here we prefer the term cutlery obviously but the discussion continues everyday about what we call those utensils that we use to put food in our mouths. What is it called? Cutlery, Flatware or Silverware? Isn’t Silverware supposed to be made of silver?

The above image is some flattened design flatware by Josef Hoffmann.

A great post at The Grammarphobia Blog talks about what is “flat” about Flatware and the history of the terms that we seem to use interchangeably.

Check out the article at Grammarphobia


Silver cutlery makes food tastes bad

tarnished silverware
According to an article from Ben Spencer of the Daily Mail Online: Despite centuries of tradition, scientists say that fine cutlery is made of the wrong stuff. Silver knives, forks and spoons make certain types of food taste unpleasant, they have discovered.

  • Silver cutlery found to make certain types of food taste unpleasant
  • Stainless steel, which in most households is reserved for day-to-day eating, performed better than silver in a series of taste tests
  • Gold made food the tastiest because it is the most inert material

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/