Earlywood 3-Piece Wooden Kitchen Cooking Utensil Set

Earlywood 3-Piece Wooden Kitchen Cooking Utensil Set

Earlywood really knows how to bring the natural beauty of the wood out. I mean, look at that photo. Go quickly click the link below and go look at even more gorgeous photos of their handwork! Amazing stuff. Metal is the most functional material for cutlery but wood is love.

The Earlywood 3-Piece Wooden Kitchen Cooking Utensil Set is three pieces: The Thin Wood Spatula Flipper, The Wooden Cast Iron Scraper Stirrer and The Butter Turner/Cheese Spreader. This is simple and minimalist design of ethically sourced, all-natural materials. They use jatoba, Mexican ebony, maple, and bloodwood that is covered by a lifetime warranty. But wash by hand! The Spatula is 13″ long, the Scraper is 10″ and the Spreader is 8.3″

Oh, and they only ethically sourced, all-natural materials, for every order they donate $1 to plant trees in the Brazilian Rainforest.

Earlywood 3-Piece Wooden Kitchen Cooking Utensil Set from Amazon

Eucharist spoon aka Liturgical Spoon aka Communion Spoon

Eucharist spoon aka Liturgical Spoon aka Communion Spoon

The Eucharist spoon, also known as a liturgical spoon or communion spoon, holds significant importance in the Christian sacrament of Holy Communion, particularly in Orthodox Christian traditions. This specialized spoon is used to administer the consecrated bread and wine to the faithful during the Divine Liturgy. The Eucharist spoon typically has a long handle, often ornately decorated, and a small bowl at the end. It is crafted with great care, using various materials such as silver, gold, or other precious metals, reflecting the reverence with which the sacrament is approached.

In the Orthodox Christian tradition, the Eucharist spoon plays a pivotal role in the liturgy. During the Holy Communion, the priest uses the spoon to carefully place a piece of the consecrated bread (known as the Body of Christ) into a chalice containing the consecrated wine (known as the Blood of Christ). This combination symbolizes the unity of Christ’s body and blood and is then administered to the communicant. The use of the spoon signifies the solemnity and sacredness of this act, as well as a practical measure to ensure that the sacred elements are handled with the utmost care and reverence.

The Eucharist spoon is not only a religious artifact but also a symbol of the spiritual nourishment and communion between the individual and the divine. It embodies the idea that the Eucharist is a shared meal among believers, a tangible link between the faithful and Christ. The design and craftsmanship of the spoon vary across different Orthodox traditions and regions, often reflecting local cultural influences and artistic styles, making each Eucharist spoon a unique and cherished element of the religious experience.

Buy a Orthodox Christian Set of Communion Spoon and Lance for Divine Liturgy from Amazon

KANARS Cutlery Organizer – Egg Shaped Silverware Caddy

KANARS Cutlery Organizer

A cutlery organizer is an indispensable tool in any kitchen, serving a crucial role in maintaining order, efficiency, and safety. Without a proper cutlery organizer, kitchen drawers can quickly devolve into chaotic jumbles of utensils, creating a frustrating and potentially hazardous environment. With a dedicated cutlery organizer, one can neatly arrange knives, forks, spoons, and other utensils, ensuring easy access and reducing the risk of accidental cuts or injuries while searching for a specific item. Furthermore, a well-organized cutlery drawer not only streamlines meal preparation but also contributes to the overall aesthetics and cleanliness of the kitchen, making it a must-have for anyone looking to improve their culinary workspace.

Beyond its functional benefits, a cutlery organizer also promotes sustainability by helping individuals maintain their kitchen tools for longer periods. Properly organized cutlery is less likely to suffer from wear and tear, as it reduces the likelihood of utensils clattering against each other or becoming damaged. This can lead to fewer replacements and a reduction in waste, contributing to a more eco-friendly kitchen. Additionally, having a designated space for cutlery encourages the use of reusable utensils instead of disposable ones, aligning with environmentally conscious living. In sum, a cutlery organizer is not merely a kitchen accessory but an essential tool for enhancing organization, safety, aesthetics, and sustainability within the heart of the home.

And if you want to really impress your guests then this is the cutlery organizer for you! The KANARS Cutlery Organizer is a Egg Shaped Silverware Caddy with Walnut Compartment for Party Formal Dinners. I mean, come on, look at how amazing it looks! And it’s a pretty good price as well. Made of virtually unbreakable lead-free crystal with tough 1/8″ thick sides and a heavy base they guarantee they will last you a lifetime or your money back. NOTE: THIS ITEM DOES NOT CONTAIN THE FLATWARE. But it holds walnuts!

KANARS Cutlery Organizer – Egg Shaped Silverware Caddy from Amazon

Metal Marks from Cutlery

(Picture: @nanananabeedah)
(Picture: @nanananabeedah)
Bar Keepers Friend

Oh yeah, this is the cutlery hack of cutlery hacks. And we here at The Cutlery Review can assure you this amazingly works as we just cleaned all our plates! All those grey scratches on your white bowls and plates are from your use of a knife, fork and spoon scraping and leaving metal traces. The dishwasher will never get these off and they just build up over time and look horrendous. And the hack that saves the day? Bar Keepers Friend is your kitchen friend. Just a little of this and a cloth and some elbow grease and those scratches will disappear! Oh, and Bar Keepers Friends works well for polishing flatware and glass stove tops.

Bar Keepers Friend Soft Cleanser from Amazon