Keychain Cutlery

keychain cutleryI’m a big fan of “Everyday Carry Cutlery” and have to resist many items I see available online these days. But this new piece of Keychain Cutlery from Pro-Idee Concept Store is very interesting indeed.

An interlocking knife, fork and spoon are conveniently hidden inside the 5 1⁄2″ key fob (about the size of an egg). Also included is a metal bottle opener. The cutlery is made of stainless steel, the bottle opener is zinc and the case black plastic. It comes with a handy travel strap. One catch is that it’s a little pricy at around $50 for a pair, but pretty cool looking.

Available at Pro-Idee


Henckel’s Cheese Set

henckel cheese knifeThere is a running punchline to any joke in our house: “I like cheese”. The joke is that it isn’t a punchline or a good way to end a story but very much a clear statement of fact. Indeed, blessed are the cheese makers.

But enough of cheesy jokes, let’s look at the Henckel cheese set. This five piece set of cheese delivery cutlery (that is counting the wooden serving board) includes 4 cheese knives for cutting hard cheeses and spreading. And also a classic two-pronged fork for serving cheese as using fingers is not polite. Featuring the famous Henckel lifetime warranty and 18/10 stainless steel  that is dishwasher safe. I would recommend a good treatment of food grade oil on the handles and cutting board occasionally.

 J.A. Henckels International 5-Piece Cheese Set



Smelly Fork to enhance the meal?

aromafork by moleculeThey call it the “Aroma R-Evolution” and it’s a smelly fork. OK, not really a smelly dirty fork but a fork that acts as a vehicle to add new aromas to your food delivering them right under your nose. Their product is the “Aromafork” that allows you to present a choice of 21 different aromas with categories such as beans, fruits, herbs, nuts, spice, and my favorite umami.

The idea is to accentuate the taste bud’s experience with even more aroma that can compliment or contrast the taste of your food. They are offering pre-orders now and you really should check out their page to see the mechanics of how this interesting cutlery works.’s “Aroma R-Evolution”


Dessert Pastry Forks from Portmeirion

dessert forksI made a bad pun in a recent post about desert spoons as people were deserting the use of them. Even more rare is the dessert fork, but I did come across this wonderful set.

The old school charm, packaging and presentation is what really caught my eye. The flowers are hand-painted on white ceramic handles and are 30 individual floral and butterfly designs. Complete with a stainless steel fork head and dishwasher safe (but I would hand wash) in gift box they present well. Mother’s Day is coming up and this would be a great gift.

 Portmeirion Botanic Garden Pastry Forks, Set of 6