Can your Cutlery affect the taste of your food?

Weird-cutlery-designA picture of strange flatware to go with a strange concept (no I don’t know where to buy the skeleton cutlery). It’s been stated for years that your plate size affects how much you eat. But now the University of Oxford is positing that your choice of cutlery can affect the taste of your food. An example being that yogurt is perceived to be of different texture, flavor and quality based on the spoon used. 

I have to admit that caviar out of a Mother of Pearl spoon tastes pretty good.

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Oneida Flight 45-Piece Stainless-Steel Flatware Set

oneida flight


Oneida is probably the most common name you will see reviewed on this site. The reason being, in my opinion, is they deliver a very broad spectrum of products for every situation. This 45-piece flatware set is a middle of the road set with a good price. 
It has 8 settings of dinner forks, salad forks (the salad fork has a wider left tine for cutting soft foods), tablespoons, teaspoons, and knives. The 5-piece service set has a serving spoon, pierced serving spoon, serving fork, sugar spoon, and butter knife. It is 18/0 stainless-steel that is dishwasher-safe (but don’t wash next to other metals) with a limited lifetime warranty.

 Oneida Flight 45-Piece Stainless-Steel Flatware Set, Service for 8


Hayley the Spoon Girl

Hayley Spoon GirlOnce a week we try to have a fun post that isn’t so serious. Because being just serious about cutlery can get pretty boring and pretty weird for that matter (so I’m told). But staying on track with weird I present to you a picture of my niece Hayley showing her amazing spoon trick. I promised to post this about 5 years ago, sorry for the delay Hayley 🙂



“The Threek” – A Small Dinner Fork with 3 Tines

three tine forkThis is my lucky fork, every time there is one in my hand I end up happy (probably the food I’m eating). These three tined forks knows as “Threeks” are super handy for appetizers, oysters, the pickle jar and small salads or anything. Having a handful of this versatile flatware is essential for parties and patio gatherings. And they are far superior to those skinny plastic handled cocktail forks that I see people try to use. Trust me, get a dozen and you will use them more often than you think.

Chrome Plated Dinner Fork with 3 Tines, 8-Inch, Satin (Case of 12)