Stainless Steel Grapefruit Spoons by Endurance

Stainless Steel Endurance Grapefruit SpoonsAs a child receiving a half grapefruit for breakfast was met with great disdain. It could only be suffered if covered in sugar and my Mother had used a knife to segment it up for me. We did have the wonderfully dangerous serrated edged spoons that could be used to threaten my sister, so I had that going for me.

Now as an adult it seems strange that I enjoy grapefruit a great deal and the right cutlery does make a difference. These stainless steel grapefruit spoons from Endurance are made of 18/10 stainless steel that is riveted to the yellow acrylic handle. They are 6″ long by 1.25″ wide and have the serrated edge required to easily extra those grapefruit segments that make for a healthy breakfast.

 Stainless Steel Endurance Grapefruit Spoons


Handmade Cutlery – A video demonstration

When I was in school as a child and the substitute teacher come in pushing a TV cart we knew it was going to be a pretty easy day. So let’s start this week with a interesting video from Hindicraft who produce handcrafted cutlery. This video shows the skill and how quickly they can make flatware. Watch for how fast the butter knife comes together.



Karate Lettuce Chopper

Gama-Go Karate Lettuce ChopperCutting lettuce with a metal knife isn’t recommended because it can cause browning of the lettuce leaves. Using your hands or a plastic chopper causes tearing that allows leaves to break along their natural fault lines, rupturing fewer cells and reducing premature browning.

That and you don’t want your 8-year old waving a sharp knife around in the kitchen. So do you want good looking lettuce, to keep your extra fingers, get some help in the kitchen and make sure everyone has fun? If so, look no further than the Karate Lettuce Chopper by Gamma-Go.

This serrated plastic piece of fun filled kitchen cutlery is child and dishwasher safe. Also handy (pun!) for zombie attacks (pretend ones).

 Gama-Go Karate Lettuce Chopper


Backpack Cutlery – Ozark Trail Hobo Tool – 7-in-1

Ozark Trail Hobo Tool-7-in-1


Summertime and backpacks and picnics and hikes and quick meals. We were tramping around Napa last year and found for our impromptu picnics that we needed something other than our hands or plastic cutlery. I’m calling it Backpack Cutlery.

I picked this up after the fact and so far this summer it’s proving to be pretty handy. Ozark Trail’s Hobo Tool – 7-in-1 utensil set isn’t a high priced item and if you lose it you won’t pull your hair out over it. 

It separates into two handles that include a fork, bottle opener and corkscrew (important for Napa!) on one side and a spoon and knife on the other. It’s made of stainless steel and the knife will need some sharpening to get an edge on it. It’s has a ring on it to clip onto your backpack so you don’t lose it. But I’d buy two either way as someone will borrow it “permanently” I’m certain.

Ozark Trail Hobo Tool – 7-in-1