Fred and Friends Air Fork One

Fred and Friends Air Fork OneHow cute is he? How cute is the airplane fork? A parent, grandparent or cool Uncle needs to buy this gift for the toddler in your life. Pretty cute cutlery.

The Airfork One from Fred and Friends is made of stainless steel in food-grade, dishwasher-safe silicone. This fast flying fork is 6-1/2-inches long and thanks to the silicone design is safe in the little hands near a little face.

Please note: This fork will not fly, it requires human power and imagination 🙂

 Fred and Friends Air Fork One


Black Cutlery – Oneida Vivanti Romano 5-Piece Place Setting

Oneida Vivanti Romano 5-Piece Place Setting BlackBlack cutlery is a strange animal. Some consider it unpalatable flatware and to be honest it is rare and difficult to find good quality. This issue is the durability and quality of the finish on the metal. This set from Oneida is a single 5 piece setting consisting of dinner knife, dinner fork, salad /dessert fork, soup /cereal spoon and teaspoon. What makes the “Vivanti Romano Black” cutlery set special is the titanium finish. The 18/10 stainless steel is dishwasher safe. This will ensure a long lasting and rugged finish but alas it comes with a price, but worth it if you want it. Goodness it looks nice though!  Please note that this is a single place setting.

 Oneida Vivanti Romano 5-Piece Place Setting, Black


Butterup – The world’s best butter knife?

butterup-best butter knifeI grew up in a climate where butter needed to be stored in the refrigerator (or did it?). And that meant scraping and spreading butter on fresh bread or even toast was a shredded nightmare that ended in wrecked bread and tears.

It seems I’m not the only one that had this problem and three Australian designers have created what they consider the solution called “Butterup”. They have a Kickstarter site which has already reached it goal. For $18 AUD (including shipping) you can be one of the first to get in on this new cutlery wonder knife. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and the image above does describe how it works pretty well.

The “Stupendous Splendiferous Butterup” has some great press copy to describe it further: “Say goodbye to hard clumps of butter ripping apart your morning toast with ButterUp. The Stupendous Splendiferous ButterUp quickly turns cold, hard butter into sumptuous easy to spread ribbons of dairy goodness.”

Read about the backstory at


Handmade Tableware by TITASY


We here at the Cutlery Review are always looking for innovative new and challenging designs. Pinterest (visit our board here) is a great hunting ground as people are always contributing their new wonderful finds.

The image above is what started us on the hunt to find this page on Pinterest of handmade tableware that is incredible. Further google-fu led to this Etsy shop run by TITASY. And even more digging led to their company page

TITASY’s designer and president is James Park of Seoul, South Korea. He majored in metal crafts in university and graduate school and has been creating tableware since 2005.

For an amazing gallery check out TITASY Pinterest page

To buy any items I recommend the Etsy TITASY shop