Heavy Cutlery means better taste?

Heavy cutlery
Heavy cutlery

There is a great new food site from the people at Vice called Munchies.Vice.com and they have an interesting article about heavy cutlery. The results of a study at Oxford University state that food seems to taste better if you use heavy forks and knives. An experiment showed that the people using  weighty knives and forks thought their food actually tasted better that those who were given lightweight cutlery.

The image above shows Exercise Cutlery from a previous post of ours.

So what do you think? Do you notice that the food doesn’t get the respect it deserves if it’s served with something like plastic cutlery? I think so. So how do chopsticks affect the situation? Questions and more questions about flatware…

Read the Article at Munchies.Vice.com



Yamazaki Hafnia 20-Piece Flatware

Yamazaki Hafnia 20-Piece FlatwareRecently we’ve been looking at some of the work by Yamazaki. So after examining the more unique work, we’ve decided to look at something very contemporary.

The Hafnia 20-Piece flatware by Yamazaki is a graceful and simple design that is Scandinavian influenced (How? I don’t see it?). This is a cutlery setting for four that includes a dinner knife, dinner fork, salad fork; soup spoon and teaspoon. Made of dishwasher safe 18/8 stainless steel.

Yamazaki Hafnia 20-Piece Flatware Set, Service for 4


Fish Flatware – Yamazaki Gone Fishin

fish flatwareNot sure how I’ve gone this long without reviewing this fish cutlery and it’s by Yamazaki who’s work we have looked at before. This is the cutlery you want in your cabin or camper and the perfect gift for that Mad Fisherman in your family.

The “Gone Fishin” set by Yamazaki  is made of dish-washer safe 18/8 stainless steel. This 20 piece set consists four each of a dinner knife, dinner fork, salad/dessert fork, soup/cereal spoon and a teaspoon. Functional and fun!

Yamazaki Gone Fishin 20-Piece Flatware Set, Service for 4


Yamazaki Float 20-Piece Flatware Set – Hygienic Cutlery

Yamazaki Float FlatwareI really like this idea, because what I really don’t like is setting soiled cutlery down on the clean tablecloth. Or setting clean flatware down on a dirty table.  The Float Flatware set by Yamazaki has an interesting design. Look at this:

Yamazaki Float Flatware

What they have done is added extra metal as a triangular ridge on the bottom face of the handle. The result is that when you set it on the table the top end of the fork, knife or spoon is suspended in  the air above the table. In short, it “Floats”. Made of dishwasher safe 18/8 stainless steel it also adds some extra heft to the cutlery. Very nice design and a nice set of flatware.

Yamazaki Float 20-Piece Flatware Set, Service for 4