Trudeau Tropical Foldable Cutlery

Trudeau Tropical Foldable Cutlery

Trudeau Tropical Foldable Cutlery is a convenient and practical solution for individuals on the go. Designed by Trudeau, a reputable brand known for its quality kitchenware, this foldable cutlery set offers portability and versatility. The set includes a foldable spoon and fork making it easy to carry in a purse, backpack, or lunchbox.

One of the key features of Trudeau Tropical Foldable Cutlery is its durability. The utensils are made from dishwasher safe BPA-free polypropylene handles and high-quality stainless steel, ensuring longevity and resistance to rust or corrosion. The foldable design allows for easy storage and protects the utensils from damage. Whether you’re heading to the office, going on a picnic, or traveling, this cutlery set is a practical choice to enjoy meals on the go without compromising on quality or convenience.

Moreover, Trudeau Tropical Foldable Cutlery is not only functional but also aesthetically appealing. The set is available in vibrant and tropical-inspired colors, adding a touch of style to your dining experience. The sleek and modern design of the utensils elevates the overall look, making them suitable for both casual and formal occasions. Whether you’re enjoying a quick meal during a hike or hosting a small outdoor gathering, Trudeau Tropical Foldable Cutlery combines practicality with visual appeal, making it a popular choice among individuals seeking a trendy and portable cutlery solution.

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Hannibal Crossing Episode 1 – Cedar Macha Tea

We have an exciting announcement here at The Cutlery Review. It is our pleasure to sponsor a new youtube cooking show called “Hannibal Crossing” starring Zbigniew Winzig. This short form program will feature quick and easy gourmet meal for your hiking or camping needs. And of course each episode will feature a piece of cutlery that we have reviewed on our site. Zbigniew is famous for being a novice Bigfoot finder who lives in the center of a hotbed of Bigfoot activity: Sasquatch Mountain, British Columbia.

This first episode features these cutlery reviews:

Folding Spoon –…

Renge Spoon –…

You can learn more about Biggy at


Laguiole Knife and Corkscrew

Laguiole Knife and Corkscrew

It is a rare event here at the Cutlery Review that we will talk about knives. Yes, we know that knives are cutlery but the “knife world” is so vast that we are hesitant to go to there. But this knife isn’t just a knife and it’s our camping/hiking/picnicking fave.

This Laguiole Knife and Corkscrew has been in our pocket for wine fueled picnics for over a decade and we love it. They are expensive but it was a gift so that helps 🙂

This Laguiole 12 cm Model with corkscrew weighs 97 g with a blade that is 10 cm and made of 12C27 stainless steel. It features a Juniper wood handle with shepherd’s cross (that’s the pins in the handle in a cross shape). The Bee and spring forged from one piece and fully handmade. The Bee? That’s a the middle of the knife and the sign this is a true Laguiole. This is some classic classy cutlery.

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hicorfe Portable Utensil Set with Case

hicorfe Portable Utensils Set with Case

Bring-your-own cutlery (BYOC) is getting a lot more attention these days due to health concerns. Taking your own cutlery to the office or eating out at cafes is more common now. One of the draw backs of various portable packed flatware was size and easy of use. They tended to be tiny weird plastic contraptions. The company “hicorfe” looks to address that with this set of portable adult sized utensils.

This is a proper knife, fork and spoon in carrying case. The knife has decent serrations for cutting meat and they all have nice wooden handles. The durable case is made from food grade PP Plastic and the cutlery from 430 stainless steel and natural wood. They had some problem with the case design but rebuilt it and are offering refunds on old ones.

They are a decent size as well: 7.8 inches knife, 7.5 inches fork, 7.6 inches spoon and 9.3 inches for the carrying case.

Not dishwasher safe due to the wood on the handles but this really should just be hand washed and dried properly before being put in the case.

Portable Utensils Set with Case from Amazon