You need a Big Fork for Serving and Stuff

chef fork



Everyone has the basic set of cutlery in their house. Of course they usually have a large butcher’s knife and bread knife. And in most cases you have a serving spoon. But where is the serving fork? I’m not talking about the two pronged carving fork. Many cultures when eating using only a fork and spoon.

Think about trying to serve coleslaw with two large spoons, now think about using a large spoon and the serving fork shown here. Trust me, it just works better. And you will find you use it for more than just serving, try using it instead of a spatula when turning fish while frying.

This is one of the least seen but more useful pieces of cutlery in the kitchen arsenal. Dishwasher safe, stainless steel and handy as all get out.

4-Tine Meat Fork Stainless Steel


Peeling Ginger with a Spoon

peeling ginger

Whether it’s in a stir fry or cocktail, ginger is a big favorite in our house. Since it is also very handy for any stomach troubles and dealing with sea sickness, I went looking for a way of making my own preserved ginger. My hero’s at America’s Test Kitchen have this great recipe for Candied Ginger. But the best part I think (and cutlery related) is the technique for peeling ginger with a spoon. Easy and no waste by using a knife and a vegetable peeler never seems to work.

YouTube video on peeling ginger