Esmeyer Sylvia Cutlery

Esmeyer Sylvia Cutlery

Simple, understated and elegant. Sometimes the cutlery needs to stand back and let the food be noticed first. Sometimes it needs to be the solid supporting character in the play of flatware. This set by Esmeyer called “Sylvia” is cutlery that does just that.

Esmeyer is a European distributor of flatware, cutlery and tableware for more than 65 years.

This setting consists of 6 knives, 6 spoons, 6 forks and 6 teaspoons. It is made of 18/0 stainless steel.

A solid price for a solid set of cutlery.

Esmeyer – Service for 24 “Sylvia” from Amazon

What is the plural of cutlery? Is ‘cutlery’ an uncountable noun?


[ kuht-luh-ree ]

cutting instruments collectively, especially knives for cutting food.
utensils, as knives, forks, and spoons, used at the table for serving and eating food.
the trade or business of a cutler.

What is the plural of cutlery? Is ‘cutlery’ an uncountable noun? Is it cutleries? Or is it just cutlery? In Canada we say multiple beer are beers but multiples moose are not mooses.

Pluralisation is a grammatical conundrum. Can flatware be flatwares? Can silverware be silvewares? They all seems to be cursed. Spoon is spoons, fork is forks, knife is knives but cutlery and flatware just don’t seem to enjoy being pluralized.

Over at they say “cutlery (countable and uncountable, plural cutleries)”. This isn’t helping. And someone else says “Cutlery is an uncountable noun. We cannot say a cutlery, but we can say, the cutlery, some cutlery or much cutlery.”

In an interesting article at Akeem Lasisi dives into this unusual cutlery writing problem. It’s something that has plagued us for years and we find it interesting. You might not, but we do, and sometimes we do post for us 🙂

Read the article at

Anytongs: Instantly Turn Your Flatware Into Kitchen Tongs

Kind of a gimmick but a great idea for using cutlery!

Anytongs can instantly turn any of your tableware into multifunctional kitchen tongs. Use it with forks, spoons or whatever! You use the tension strength to easily and quickly connect various flatware and it is securely fixed in place during use. The rubberized groove is tapered, suitable for flat handles of various widths, shapes and even curves!

With this clip, you have the best of both worlds! Use multiple tongs for your existing tableware without letting all the extra clumsiness take up valuable storage space in your kitchen.

Anytongs Bbq Clip Kitchen Tongs Kitchen Tools from Amazon

Cliusnra Stainless Steel Flatware Set

Cliusnra Stainless Steel Flatware Set: 8 Pieces Silver

Another example of BYOC (Bring Your Own Cutlery) which is really the booming market we all thought it would become.

The Cliusnra Stainless Steel Flatware Set is an 8-piece portable cutlery set includes a dinner knife, dinner fork, dinner spoon, chopsticks, straw cleaning brush, straight straw, bent straw, carrying case.

“Our silverware is crafted from good quality stainless steel; You’ll never have to worry about the knives struggling to cut, the spoons bending as you chow away, or the prongs of the forks curling out of shape as others do. Suitable for everyday use or special occasions, the stainless-steel flatware offers eye-catching good looks, whether setting a table for brunch or dinner with friends. Note: Please clean it in time after use to better prevent rust.”

The cutlery has thick stainless steel non-slip handles and the chopsticks have a anti-slip design to prevent the embarrassment of dropping food. Equipped with a stainless steel cleaning brush, the size is designed to fit the straw.

This modern stainless steel flatware set is of course dishwasher safe.

Cliusnra Stainless Steel Flatware Set from Amazon