Rice Paddle Reviews – It’s a show down!

This past weekend my wife made Palak Paneer and I was in charge of making the basmati rice. Well I didn’t make enough for the next day’s leftovers (which are better than first day) and had to make rice again. Which meant I ended up using my two completely different rice paddles and that means it’s time for a Rice Paddle Show Down! (imagine game show announcer voice when reading that).

Our first contender is the classic, the plastic, the inexpensive and always there…Plastic Rice Paddle.  These are something you could pick up at the dollar store or the slightly more fancy  Rice Paddle (Two Pieces) from Amazon that have dimpling to keep it non-stick.

plastic rice paddle

These have one major thing going for them and that is they are really cheap. And that is what ultimately is their demise. They tend to melt and bend or break in a very hot pot and the rice always sticks no matter what fancy design or coating (which will peel off over time) is applied. Sorry, you go to the bottom of the cutlery drawer.

And in this corner is the traditional, time tested and always a classic…Bamboo Rice Paddle. Joyce Chen makes a very nice one, the 9-inch Burnished Bamboo Rice Paddle.

bamboo rice paddleThere is a reason this is a classic. It only costs a couple bucks more. The handle is longer and sturdier. They aren’t perfectly non-stick but close enough. A little oil on the spoon bowl will make it totally non-stick when required. They hold up in the dishwasher wonderfully. And finally they are not a uni-tasker utensil, they are great for stirring the stew pot or anything else. Hands down our winner. Buy two and thank me later.


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