Black Flatware – Herdmar “Rocco Black” 5-Piece Place Setting

herdmar rocco blackBlack flatware is an elusive beast. It’s hard to find, OK it is not hard to find, but it’s hard to find at a reasonable quality and price. Looking at black flatware online points out one of the common misleading things in cutlery advertising, the “5-Piece Place Setting”. At first read it looks just fine and you think it will fill your requirements. But no it won’t, well actually it will. I keep contradicting myself here don’t I? A “5-Piece Place Setting” is five pieces of cutlery (two forks, two spoons and one knife) for just one person. One place setting for one person. Suddenly the price is 4 times what you thought.

Which brings us back to the black cutlery. This stuff is pricey because of the enameling or annealing process. The black coating has to be sturdy to stand up to the dishwasher and people’s teeth. And for that you pay a little more. The “Rocco Black” set from Herdmar is a reasonable price and I recommend buying it just for two people for those special evenings.

 Herdmar “Rocco Black” 18/10 Stainless Steel 5-Piece Place Setting


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