ChopStir – A chop and stir cutlery tool

chop stir




Teflon frying pan? Check. Ground beef? Check? Taco seasonings? Check. Good way of keeping the beef from frying into a monster spicy hamburger? Ummm…

We have talked about the Granny fork before which is great for stirring and mixing but it doesn’t quite do the job we are looking to do here. So Walter Drake came up with the ChopStir. This unique kitchen utensil both chops up and mixes food in a frying pan or pot and won’t scratch your cookware. It’s made of a sturdy nylon that won’t stain and is dishwasher safe. For tacos, chili, sloppy joes or even “bubble and squeak” you will find this is a handy piece of kitchen cutlery.

 Chopstir Nylon Chopper


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