3D Printed Custom Cutlery from Shapeways

3d printer cutleryOK, this stuff gets me excited. We have finally reached a point in the advancement of 3d printing technology that we can design and have printed custom cutlery designs. There are still limitations in size and definitely in materials. Printing in plastics runs around $7 per piece where as steel can be around $33 a piece. But last year at this time this wasn’t even really a possibility as there were no food safe materials and the size of the piece that could be made was too small.

Shapeways is a service that allows you to upload your 3d designs and have them created or allow others to order your designs to be printed for them. The design above is from lucaCavannaDesign is called 3xone and is very unique with a lot of thought in it’s design. It uses less material (cheaper), is structurally sound and they nest together. Check out their page at Shapeways for more images of this intelligent 3d custom cutlery design.

3xone from lucaCavannaDesign @ Shapeways


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