Stainless Kung Foon Utensil – Spork meets Chopsticks

kung foonHow strong is your Kung Foon my friend? An interesting name for an interesting product. This is truly “spork meets chopsticks” to create a lightweight portable multi-function utensil.

Your chopsticks simply slide into the Foon’s handle making the perfect piece of cutlery to reach the bottom of a rehydrated food pouch or to stir a pot. Because it’s a spork you have the function of spoon and fork as well. It is made of stainless steel and comes in a steel gift carrying tin with a set of plastic chopsticks.

Perfect for the camping trips or in your bag for lunches at work.

 GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Kung Foon Utensil


Vintage Kitchen Silverware Canvas Wall Art Spoon Knife Fork

silverware canvas artworkPerfect for a restaurant or kitchen at home, there is something about displaying artwork based on kitchen cutlery that always seem to fit well. It fits better than a display of “antique” appliances in my humble opinion.

The framed canvas artwork is 37 1/2 X 12 X 3/4 and is an usual art piece in that it is vintage as opposed to modern in it’s depiction of cutlery. Written on the bottom is “Le Couteau”, “Le Fourchette”, and “Le Cuillère” which are the french words for the respective flatware items. It’s currently on sale at a great price and I recommend ordering while you can.

 Vintage Kitchen Silverware Canvas Wall Art Spoon Knife Fork


Wonderland Cutlery

wonderland cutleryTina Tsang from England has hand crafted these pewter cutlery delights based on characters from Alice in Wonderland. Each piece has a magnifying glass inserted into the head of the character to allow you to see your food more carefully or read a menu or any fine print. This definitely would be big in Japan. Hand wash of course. Rather expensive at  £42.50 per piece of flatware. But it’s more than just cutlery, it’s art!

Available at the Hidden Art Shop


ChopStir – A chop and stir cutlery tool

chop stir




Teflon frying pan? Check. Ground beef? Check? Taco seasonings? Check. Good way of keeping the beef from frying into a monster spicy hamburger? Ummm…

We have talked about the Granny fork before which is great for stirring and mixing but it doesn’t quite do the job we are looking to do here. So Walter Drake came up with the ChopStir. This unique kitchen utensil both chops up and mixes food in a frying pan or pot and won’t scratch your cookware. It’s made of a sturdy nylon that won’t stain and is dishwasher safe. For tacos, chili, sloppy joes or even “bubble and squeak” you will find this is a handy piece of kitchen cutlery.

 Chopstir Nylon Chopper