Moonlight Silverware by OLINDA

Moonlight Silverware set by OLINDAThis cutlery set from Olinda called Moonlight really has a striking design. The handles two tones and the knife profile make for a strong design sense in this flatware. It is made in Europe and of 18/10 stainless steel with the designs engraved on them. This means no rusted or loss of the coloring.

This set is 20 pieces which consists of 4 table knives, 4 table spoons, 4 tea spoons, 4 table forks,  and 4 salad/dessert forks.

Moonlight Silverware set by OLINDA from Amazon


2 thoughts on “Moonlight Silverware by OLINDA

  1. I am looking specifically for Olinda flatware 18/10 moonlight design, which is pictured here, but am not able to order. The Amazon link takes me away from this product.
    thank you.

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