“Tablespoon” in her recipe book didn’t actually mean Tablespoon

Tablespoon" in her recipe book didn't actually mean Tablespoon

This wonderful tweet was brought to our attention by our wonderful sister who no doubt was referring to our wonderful Grandmother D. The tweet itself is by Shiv Ramdas and here’s the link to the original tweet. And where it became rather infamous over on reddit.

He goes on to mention in the twitter thread: “I should point out that none of this even refers to the most dreaded recipes in there, AKA the Blue Spoon recipes, which have this name because the steps have helpful tips like “Add 2 blue spoons of sugar” because I don’t even have it in me to attempt this boss battle.”

The blue spoon is a great way of specifying exactly what cooking cutlery you need to use in the kitchen. I’m certain my Grandmother used the blue spoon regularly. Another classic piece of cooking equipment for her was the” golden syrup” can, as that was just right for cut dough for perogies. Or was that my Mother? I’m certain as soon as I post this I’ll be proven wrong.

If you are looking for your own blue spoon, here’s a nice one from Amazon:

Chef Craft Premium Silicone Basting Spoon, 11", Blue

Chef Craft Premium Silicone Basting Spoon, 11″, Blue from Amazon


Yamazaki Bolo 5 Piece Ice Cream Set

Yamazaki Bolo 5 Piece Ice Cream Set

We’ve written quite a few articles about Yamazaki cutlery products here at The Cutlery Review over the years. And we’ve seen quite a bit of traffic and fielded a few questions about them. There is something about the Japanese design esthetic when it comes to cutlery that just seems out of the box in the best way.

The Yamazaki Bolo 5 Piece Ice Cream Set really has that “out of this world” design. It reminds me of the cutlery from the 2001 movie.

This flatware set is intended for ice cream but don’t limit yourself, it really could used for almost anything. This cutlery set is a “signature dish” detail for the budding chef. Built of dishwasher safe 18/0 stainless steel with a beautiful satin finish this set includes four 7-inch ice cream spoons and a 8-1/2-inch ice cream serving spoon.

Yamazaki Bolo 5 Piece Ice Cream Set from Amazon


Killer Cutlery or Fatal Flatware

Killer Cutlery or Fatal Flatware

This was sent to use by a longtime reader. They asked if it was killer cutlery or fatal flatware?

A spoon connected to a gun?

Is this an artistic statement that we are killing ourselves with what we eat?

Is that medicine in the spoon? Are we forcing by threat someone to take the medicine?

This piece is by Anita Larkin. Here’s her bio:

Anita Larkin is represented by Defiance Gallery, Sydney. Using collected domestic objects, casting parts of the human body in bronze, and beeswax, making felted forms, and materially transforming salvaged broken objects, her sculptures question repair and brokenness, playfully disrupting the familiar.

So many questions. We took a look at the artists website and found no clues.

See more work at https://www.anitalarkin.com/




This set gets lost in translation. The information on who made it and what it is called gets a little screwed up. So here is the details.

It is made by: Yamazaki Metal Industry or YAMAZAKI KINZOKU KOGYO Co. LTd.

This set is called: ZUION

Put that all together and it’s:

YAMAZAKI KINZOKU KOGYO 5 Piece Silverware Set Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Elegant Flatware Set with Forks, Spoons, Knife | Amaterasu Isejingu |- ZUION made in Japan

And it’s amazing looking. Their write up about it on Yamazakitableware.co.jp really tells the story:

The images of Grand Shrine of Ise transposed onto tableware.
It is a special model developed in commemoration of the construction of a new shrine and transfer of the enshrined artifacts from the old to the new. Five traditional companies collaborated in designing and crafting a complete set of stainless steel cutlery, hammered copperware, ceramics, lacquerware and fabrics. Our company not only produced the cutlery but led the coordination and unity among the five chosen makers. In 2013 we dedicated a complete tableware set each to The Hall for Special Prayer and The Main Sanctuary. The motif of the tableware set came from the view from the Uji Bridge in the Grand Shrine of Ise looking over the clean flowing waters of the Isuzugawa River. Most significantly, we played a part in passing down the highest level of Japanese craftsmanship to later generations.

The is cutlery of the highest order. This is fine flatware. It’s pricey but it’s Japanese design culture at it’s best.

Every time a guest at my home would comment on this cutlery I would quote to them:

The design based on the pure flow seen from the Uji of Ise-jinqu shrire expresses the elegance and wabi sabi of the Japanese.

YAMAZAKI KINZOKU KOGYO 5 Piece Silverware Set from Amazon