KitchenAid Bamboo Spoon

KitchenAid Bamboo Spoon

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet. And dam does it ever make for a great wooden spoon. The Bamboo Spoon doesn’t get the credit or use in the kitchen that it deserves. This is versatile cutlery that doesn’t stain, chip, warp, get hot, melt and rarely breaks. The bamboo spoon is the go to spoon in our kitchen for almost all cooking. Oh, and it won’t harm your non-stick cookware. There is no spoon? No, there is the bamboo spoon.

The KitchenAid Universal Bamboo Tools Spoon is 12-Inches long and does the job.

They say don’t put in the dishwasher but we have for years without a problem.

PS – The top comment on Amazon is this: “My girlfriend loves it, because it makes a satisfying smack when properly used on her.”

The KitchenAid Universal Bamboo Tools Spoon from Amazon


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