Dinglehopper? It’s a Fork?

Dinglehopper fork

We were at a outdoor picnic recently and there was a crowd of young children frolicking about. At one point a young girl came running up to her mother and asked for a “dinglehopper”. The mother dug into her picnic basket and produced a fork and handed it to the child who promptly tried to comb her hair with it. We were dismayed. Perhaps the child was not well? So we inquired and were laughed at promptly and told “I thought you knew all about cutlery!?” Shame.

After some googling here is what were learned about that facetious flatware. It’s a Disney thing.

“The Dinglehopper (a.k.a. the fork) is an artifact from the sunken ship which Ariel and Flounder explore early in The Little Mermaid. It is in fact a fairly ordinary object, but Ariel prizes the dinglehopper, as it is an artifact of the human world. Scuttle is a seagull and friend of Ariel. He appears in the film as an expert on human objects with whom Ariel consults about items she salvages, though his identifications consist of nonsense. He wrongly names a fork a “dinglehopper” and says that it is used as a comb.”

Ya, so, it’s a comb. Not a fork. Silly kids.

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