JASHII Flatware Set – Hook in Black

JASHII Flatware Set - Hook in Black

Sometimes companies get a little lazy in naming their cutlery sets. They’ll just state the name of their company and maybe the color of the product and not bother with the creative effort to come up with a unique name. I understand that getting a product name approved can be a hassle but come on guys, have some fun.

The JASHII Flatware Set is a whole bunch of products but we like the look of this set that we have decided to call “Hook in Black”. Black cutlery is a real statement at the table and over and above that is the hooked design in this set. The original idea of this design of spoon was that it could hook on the edge of a bowl or cup so as not to drip on the table. They took it a bit farther and we think it looks great!

This 32 piece set includes 8 coffee spoons 8 dinner spoons, 8 dinner forks, and 8 dinner knives. It is made of dishwasher safe 304 stainless steel. But careful with certain acidic cleaners as it can take the black finish off, we recommend hand washing.

JASHII 32 piece Flatware Set – Hook in Black from Amazon


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