Wonderland Cutlery

wonderland cutleryTina Tsang from England has hand crafted these pewter cutlery delights based on characters from Alice in Wonderland. Each piece has a magnifying glass inserted into the head of the character to allow you to see your food more carefully or read a menu or any fine print. This definitely would be big in Japan. Hand wash of course. Rather expensive at  £42.50 per piece of flatware. But it’s more than just cutlery, it’s art!

Available at the Hidden Art Shop


ChopStir – A chop and stir cutlery tool

chop stir




Teflon frying pan? Check. Ground beef? Check? Taco seasonings? Check. Good way of keeping the beef from frying into a monster spicy hamburger? Ummm…

We have talked about the Granny fork before which is great for stirring and mixing but it doesn’t quite do the job we are looking to do here. So Walter Drake came up with the ChopStir. This unique kitchen utensil both chops up and mixes food in a frying pan or pot and won’t scratch your cookware. It’s made of a sturdy nylon that won’t stain and is dishwasher safe. For tacos, chili, sloppy joes or even “bubble and squeak” you will find this is a handy piece of kitchen cutlery.

 Chopstir Nylon Chopper


Nutella Spreader Revisited – Part 3 – Compac Spreader Knives

And we are back for the final part in our 3 part series on alternatives to the allusive Nutella Spreader. After my many hours of research I think I have come across the “Rosetta Stone” of sandwich spreaders. This item has such a long history that I’ve seen it for sale on eBay as a “vintage” item. Gaze upon it’s glory…

Compac KnifeYup, this simply piece of white plastic is the holy grail we all have been looking for. The Compac sandwich spreader knife in it’s simple design and construction fits the bill perfectly. And the price even more so. It’s comes in two flavors (mind the pun) of “Mayonnaise” and “Peanut Butter and Jelly”. The big difference between the two? The Mayo is 11.8 inches long and the PB&J is 4 inches long and that’s about it.

compac jelly knife compac mayo knife

This simple device is wondrous at getting to the bottom of any jar of spreadable goodness. And getting under the lip of the jar as well, which for me and Cheez Whiz is a never ending battle. Buy extras because they will be used a lot and probably stolen by coveting guests. That fact that it is made of plastic is a plus I assure you, metal knives can scrape plastic off the inside of plastic jars and contaminate your food. It is dishwasher safe and has a hole in the handle to hang on the cabin wall (that is where mine is going). It believe the Nutella jar has met it’s match with this amazing piece of simple plastic cutlery.

 Compac Mayo Knife Spreader Plastic 11.8″ Knife Shaped To The Contour Of Mayonnaise Jars

Compac Jelly Knife Spreader 4″ Plastic Knife for Peanut Butter and Jelly


Nutella Spreader Revisited – Part 2 – Cuisipro Peanut Butter and Jelly Spreader

Welcome to Part 2 of a 3 part series on what to buy because you can’t find this Nutella Spreader. Today we are looking at a piece of kitchen cutlery that is very specifically designed for the application of peanut butter and jelly (or jam). I know many of my UK readers think this combination is rather unappealing but it’s a favorite in North America.

peanutbutterandjamspreaderThe Cuisipro Peanut Butter and Jelly Spreader  is an 11.5 inch peanut butter and jelly spreader. It has color-coded ends made of silicon so you know what goes where and don’t have cross-contamination. Nothing worse than smears of peanut butter in the jam jar as it can cause mold to form quickly. Those silicon ends are soft and smooth that won’t tear through bread or toast. The wooden handle is a nice touch and it’s dishwasher-safe with 25-year warranty!

 Cuisipro Peanut Butter and Jelly Spreader

Built for peanut butter and jam, yes. Will it work for Nutella and peanut butter and bacon? Sure will! And check out these other 21 ideas for Nutella at the Food Network.