Gold cutlery makes food taste better

A study has discovered that your fancy silverware can make certain types of food taste horrible. Stainless steel flatware seems to be better than silver in a series of taste tests. For the very best culinary experience, cutlery should be made of gold, the researchers found. Dr Zoe Laughlin, of University College London’s Institute of Making, tested spoons […]

Leopardo 20 Piece Gold Plate Flatware Set by Ricci

Sometimes you need to treat yourself. Sometimes spending a little extra is worth it. Sometimes you just want the best for yourself. Well, this cutlery from Ricci called “Leopardo” is a real treat. It has 10 microns of 24 karat gold plating which gives it an amazing mirror finish. This of course means hand wash […]

Royal Albert Old Country Roses Flatware Set with gold accents

To me this is old school design in flatware. This 65-piece cutlery setting for 12 is intended to be paired with a Royal Albert table setting but most definitely is not required. The gold roses are what add that extra flair to the design of this cutlery. I love the look and the price is […]

Gold Cutlery? Why not. “Rocco” by Herdmar.

Apple’s recent success with the golden Iphone has brought attenti0n to people’s love of all things that glitter. But gold cutlery? Sure, why not. “Rocco” by Herdmar is actually 18/10 stainless steel with a matte gold finish. It’s dishwasher safe and won’t need polishing. But you will polish it, you know you’ll polish it. It’s […]