Silver cutlery makes food tastes bad

According to an article from Ben Spencer of the Daily Mail Online: Despite centuries of tradition, scientists say that fine cutlery is made of the wrong stuff. Silver knives, forks and spoons make certain types of food taste unpleasant, they have discovered. Silver cutlery found to make certain types of food taste unpleasant Stainless steel, which […]

Fifty years of marriage and fifty years with the same cutlery!?

A retired couple have been using the same set of cutlery for 50 years – meaning it has been used 51,918 times. Fred and Val O’Hanlon got the 56-piece set the year they were married in 1964 and not a single spoon or knife has gone missing. Grandmother Val, 73, said: “It has seen 50 […]

Arthur Court Grapevine Salad Servers

It’s the Fall season and the leaves are turning golden. That means Thanksgiving is coming soon and it’s time to start planning the family meal. I’ve been thinking about a “leaf motif” for this year’s dinner and I discovered these salad tongs. The Arthur Court Grapevine Salad Servers set includes a fork and spoon with […]

Hampton Forge Essenstahl Flatware Set in Copper

There is a city in Germany called “Essen” which means “eat”, and “Stahl” means “steel”. So we have from Hampton Forge the Essenstahl flatware set. “Eat Steel” sounds like a good name for a Heavy Metal band. Strange that we don’t see much copper for cutlery. For color I mean, not construction. We see silver, […]