Martha Stewart Cutlery

So I’m not a big fan of Twitter as I’ve too much to say and there is too little space or pictures. But it seems Martha Stewart appears to not well supported the blog community in their opinion. Not sure who they are or how they represent their opinion. I’ve no issue with Martha Stewart and have been a fan of her television shows (especially when with Elmo or Cookie Monster!). I have to note the way she says “most” and “trusted” and I don’t blame those clarifications as it’s mob rule in the twittersphere.

But this blog is about cutlery and I hate to say from that point of view I don’t have much support for Martha. She was sued in 2012 for “bogus” knives and generally speaking any other cutlery product she has put her name on has not been reviewed well at all. So this blogger won’t be looking for much support from Martha nor expecting it.


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