Ceramic Flatware Caddy (or Cutlery Caddy?)

cutlery caddy

Why don’t they call it a Cutlery Caddy? I think alliteration is clever, but I like puns as well so don’t mind me. I have always found cutlery caddies (I’m sticking with this term) and racks for flatware very handy when you have buffet style dining. This set is nice enough to be used at the dining table and useful for when someone drops a fork or decides they need a spoon for the dessert they declined twice. This set comes in a nice wooden tray with three ceramic containers for knife, fork and spoon. Please be careful as the ceramic containers don’t seem to be dishwasher safe and will break if dropped. Best guess on capacity is at least a serving set for eight diners.

 Ceramic Flatware Caddy Set by Towle Silversmiths


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