Cake and Pie serving cutlery – For Christmas

cake serverCreating the perfect pie is an art. I spent a few days in training with a Master Baker from the CIA (Culinary Institute of America) and as a result I really have learned to appreciate what it takes to make a perfect crust. I can’t make a pie, what did you expect I only had a few days.

When you ask someone to describe “pie shaped” they usually describe a perfect triangle with a curved side. Not a crumbled mess on a plate. Trying to serve pie or cake for that matter without the proper tools results in the destruction of your hard work.

This 2-piece cake and pie serving set from Towle is themed for the Christmas holiday. It has a cake knife that is topped with a candy cane and a server with a snowman. Make sure to hand wash to avoid corrosion or losing the silver alloy plating. And don’t let your pie be destroyed by trying to use a fork and knife made for carving the turkey!

 Towle Holiday Wishes Candy Cane Knife and Snowman Trowel


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