Cooking Chopstick – “Taste N Cook” by Joyce Chen

cooking chopsticksCooking chopsticks are something that once you use them you aren’t sure how you got along with out them in the past. Now I have to warn you up front, you should be already proficient with regular chopsticks before stepping up to the stove with a pair of these. But if you can pull it off it will be worth it.

From Joyce Chen comes the  “Taste N Cook” 13-Inch burnished bamboo chopsticks. These aren’t exactly dishwasher safe but will last a very long time with the occasional food oil treatment to keep them from drying out. The tiny fork and spoon ends re-enforce the old adage that you need to taste your food while cooking. They are a little short for working with large pot meals but are perfect for frying and smaller dishes. Really good for  Shabu Shabu and other soups of that style.

Joyce Chen – Taste N Cook Bamboo Chopsticks


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