The Cookie Spoon – aka The Oreo Dipper

cookie spoonI came across this unique piece of cutlery by accident, I was looking for a children stainless steel flatware set that was all smooth corners and safe for little hands and little mouths. Instead I stumbled across this, the Ultimate Cookie Spoon!

This BPA free cookie cradle comes in five possible colors and allows you to safely and securely dip your favorite cookie (probably Oreo) into your milk without wet fingers or broken or lost cookie bits.

An interesting quote from the creator:  “My favorite snack as a kid was Oreos and milk, but they would always break and fall into the milk if I dunked them for too long! As an adult, I still had the same problem so I set out to solve the issue and created the Dipr. Now, all ages can enjoy the dunking experience without losing their cookies!”

Yes, this is a one use piece of kitchen cutlery, but it’s for cookies! Think about the cookies!

 The Dipr the Ultimate Cookie Spoon



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