Flatware is replacing plastic utensils across the world

broken plastic cutleryThis article by the Digitaljournal.com has an interesting message that I’ve paraphrased above. The exact quote is: “Flatware is increasingly replacing plastic utensils in several regions across the world”. I find this very encouraging and as a sign that we are finally seeing that plastic is a killer and to be brutally honest plastic cutlery is completely useless. Our reliance on plastic and it’s impact on the environment in both production and disposal is something we have ignored too long. I hope this is an indicator that we are changing our habits, eating habits that is.

The article has a lot more to say about the cutlery industry, it’s challenges and what trends are happening. It’s an interesting read for someone obsessed with the wonderful world of the fork, knife and spoon 🙂

Read the article at the Digitaljournal.com 





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