Stainless Steel Chopstick & Spoon Set (Square Korean Style – Sujeo)

Stainless Steel Chopstick & Spoon Set (Square Korean Style - Sujeo)This stainless steel set of chopsticks and spoon looks very nice. It’s a set of cutlery that is the Korean Sujeo style.

Besides the really cool checkerboard design there is something else that makes this set a little different. It’s the classic Korean “square” style for the chopsticks. Not the rounded ends you might see on regular chopsticks. These are flat handled and square. This design make for easier eating of noodles and other foods as the edge catches the food better. That top end of the handle is used to serve food to other guests or to transfer your own to your bowl or plate. And the spoon is actually used for eating rice, which makes more sense to me. And one last difference is they are shorter than usual as well at 8.5 inches long and 1/16 inch thick.

I really want to try these as I’ve found the traditional rounded chopsticks don’t work well for Soba noodles. Anyone tried these?

Stainless Steel Chopstick & Spoon Set


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