the cutlery project – works by koichi futatsumata & studio wieki somers

koichi futatsumataA design label called valerie_objects (yep, lowercase and underscore in the name) have started a design project collaborating with studios around the world.  “the cutlery project” (still lowercase) features the works shown here by Koichi Futatsumata (above) & Studio Wieki Somers (below). Their mandate was “A prototype set of tools to eat with. Spoons, forks and knives.”

The designs of Maarten Baas and Koichi Futatsumata so far are the only sets in production the rest being prototypes. The designs use plastic, metal and what seems to be paper. These are some gorgeous pieces of work that really push the concept of traditional flatware.

wieki somers

Check out the other designs at the “the cutlery project”


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