Edible Spoon Maker

edible spoon makerWow, this is interesting. This is the stereotypical “Does what it says on the label”.

You take some off the shelf ready made dough (biscuit, puff pastry or whatever) and add to the “Edible Spoon Maker” and close it up. Let it bake for 3 minutes and you have four edible spoons for your enjoyment. This idea of consumable cutlery is pretty amazing and would be great for ice cream, yogurt, cereal or salads. And somewhat environmentally friendly I guess?

It’s basically a fancy waffle iron with a non-stick surface. This would be great in a restaurant or ice cream shop. Or in my home, but it’s not available for sale quite yet. You can sign up with their mailing list to be notified when it’s ready for sale.

More info at Ediblespoonmaker.com


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