Edible Cutlery from India

Just in last month we covered an interesting product that allowed you to make your own edible spoons. Well it seems that Bakey’s Food is using the same idea and getting a heck of a lot of press. But they have taken the idea into production and much farther with edible spoons, forks, sporks, and chopsticks. And they claim to have improved taste, nutrition and shelf-life.

Instead of the usual stainless steel these are made with a healthy combination of millet, rice, and wheat.  They contain ingredients like sugar, ginger, cinnamon, garlic, celery, black pepper, rock salt, cumin, mint, carrots and beets that can add to the dining experience.  They have reduced the moisture and hardened the edible cutlery and promise a shelf life of about three years.  And it won’t melt in your soup bowl!

Check out the video above or visit Bakey’s Food for more info




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