An Electric Fork that tastes like Salt

electric salt flavoured forkFor health reasons I’ve been on a reduced sodium diet for years now. Blood pressure issues equal bland food. At first you really miss the taste of salt but it does subside a bit. But now the really smart people at University of Tokyo’s Rekimoto Lab have come up with some interesting cutlery.

This prototype electric fork uses electrical stimulation to simulate the taste of salt. It basically tricks your tongue into thinking it’s tasting salt. The battery-powered fork  completes the circuit when the tines make contact with your tongue, electrically stimulating your taste buds. Like licking a 9V battery maybe, I don’t know. Even more interesting is that with only $18 worth of electronics this future fork can create tastes that are both salty and sour, and has adjustable levels of stimulation. Cyber cutlery is our future it seems.

Can you buy it? Nope, not yet. Can’t find much about it on their website either. Soon come, maybe.

Visit University of Tokyo’s Rekimoto Lab for updates 



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