Rich Forks – Stolen Cutlery from the Rich and Famous

Prince Harry Used Fork“The Rich Forks” is an interesting art project by Australian artist Van Thanh Rudd. For fifteen years he has been stealing cutlery from the rich and famous.  To quote from his website:

“Endless high quality food and drink, silver service and luxury hotel rooms adorn the daily routines of the idle rich these days more than ever. It’s no surprise that this occurs when only 62 people own as much wealth as the poorest 3.6 billion people on this planet. Luxury items including 5/6 star hotel food and wine is always at the finger tips of the extremely wealthy. And they don’t lift a finger when it comes to washing the silverware, setting the tables or cooking the exorbitantly priced food.”

So he successfully stole flatware from rich people to make a pretty serious point. He had access I think because he is the nephew of the former Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd. And he stole from a interesting list of people like Prince Harry, Hillary Clinton, Rupert Murdoch and others.

Visit VTR’s website to see more


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