Spün Utensils – Calorie Counting Cutlery for your Phone

Another interesting Kickstarter from the company Spün who has created smart cutlery used with a phone app which will measure the weight and type of food you are eating to provide instantaneous information for healthy eating. The data is stored on your phone where you can match your calorie and nutritional intake against your daily goals.

spun utensils

You must first take a photo of the food you are about to eat via the phone app and from there the technology analyzes what you are eating, and how much, with each mouthful you take. The cutlery looks like an everyday spoon or fork, there are interchangeable stainless steel heads, and it will warn you when you have met your target for a meal. It also vibrates when it senses you are eating too quickly.

While eating you can watch the Spün app to see real-time stats on your current meal and for the day, including how many calories you’ve had, how fast you are eating, and more. Over time, Spün will give you food recommendations.

Visit their site here @ Spün



The Oysters are coming! Oyster Knife By HiCoup

Oyster Knife by HiCoupMonths with a letter R in them means seafood. And next month is September and it’s time for oysters.

Normally we don’t look at knives on this site as many other’s consider the definition of cutlery to include only knives. But we look at all knives, forks and spoons. And boy is this a great looking knife for the kitchen or BBQ. This oyster knife has a hit list by HiCoup:

  1. A classic oyster knife designed by HiCoup, a North American based company with a history of designing fine kitchen tools
  2. The durable and solid pakka wood handle ensures a firm, comfortable grip.
  3. The “full tang” mirror finish 420 stainless steel blade gives the knife the strength it needs to open oysters and makes it incredibly durable for years of use.
  4. The large guard will protect your hands from hitting sharp pieces from the oyster shell.
  5. Versatile enough for any shape and species of oyster.

And a warning! – Although an oyster knife is relatively blunt compared to an ordinary kitchen knife, the fact that you often need considerable force to open an oyster would still mean that if your knife slips it could significantly damage your hands. So please exercise safety when opening oysters.

Oyster Knife By HiCoup


Nantucket Seafood Seafood Doohickey

Nantucket Seafood Seafood DoohickeyI’ll admit this right up front, the word “Doohickey” is what attracted me to this item. I just love the sound of it and I love the fact that this is indeed what these long handled forks are called. The true definition of the word Doohickey is “an object or device whose name you do not know or have forgotten”.

These two tined forks are the perfect cutlery for getting seafood out things like lobster and crab. They are about 9 inches long and also great for getting olives, pickles and the like out of jars. They might be sold as a single use flatware item but these Nantucket Seafood Seafood Doohickey forks are great for more than just seafood.

And just think of that moment when you ask someone to grabs the Doohickies out of the cutlery drawer!

Nantucket Seafood Seafood Doohickey, 4-Piece


Colorful Cutlery! – Fiesta Merengue 5-Piece Hostess Set

Fiesta Merengue 5-Piece Hostess SetColor, Colour, Color! (The extra spelling is for my Canadian readers and an old joke around here). We reviewed the Fiesta 20-Piece Merengue Flatware Set back in 2014 and just discovered the Hostess Set.

This hostess set is made of dishwasher safe 18/0 stainless steel and ABS plastic. The 5 pieces consist of a slotted serving spoon, serving spoon, serving fork, sugar shell and butter knife. I wouldn’t have called it a sugar shell but rather a sugar spoon myself.

Fun Fiesta Flatware For (um…I’ve run out of alliteration ideas) Fun? It’s a great price for a nice set.

Fiesta Merengue 5-Piece Hostess Set