Smörkniv – The Wooden Butter Knife

Smörkniv - The Wooden Butter Knife

We are going to cheat a little with this write up and show you a Google Translated (from Swedish to English) Wikipedia article about the Smörkniv:

A butter knife is a cutlery that is used to spread dairy products ( butter , table margarine ) or other soft toppings on, for example, the sandwich . Butter knives lack sharp edges , and are traditionally made of wood , but can also be made of plastic or metal, for example .

Wood butter knives are often manufactured within the home and school craft and today’s design became common in the 1950s. In the past, the butter knives were made in one, but later on there are other types of wood.

In the 19th century, butter was exclusive and was therefore rarely used on the sandwich. In terms of appearance, however, it is easy to confuse 19th-century “ass scratches” (precursors to toilet paper ) with butter knives.

Yup, you read it correctly. It seems that sometime the butter knives were confused with “ass scratches”. We don’t think this happens any longer. Cutlery confusion like this be crazy. Don’t get us started on the “poop knife”.

We plan on make a few of our own Smörkniv this summer while camping. But if you want to buy your own check these out from Amazon. BTW – It’s good advice to soak them in mineral oil before using. That way you won’t have any issues with oils going rancid in the wood.

Butter Knife Handmade Juniper Wood from Amazon


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