Godinger Flatware Set in Matte Finish

Godinger Flatware Set, Matte Finish

I don’t what it is about matte finish cutlery that speaks to me. But it says to me that this flatware is classy, understated and ready to feed me. I also find that the matte finish really reduces scratches. There’s just something about it.

Godinger is responsible for this collection of stainless steel flatware cutlery. The amazing matte finish set is crafted of high quality durable non bend materials. This service for four, twenty piece set consists of 4 dinner forks, 4 teaspoons, 4 knives, 4 salad forks and 4 tablespoons. And of course it’s dishwasher safe. The price is really amazing!

Since 1973 Godinger has specialized in handcrafted silver, pewter, crystal, stainless, and alternative metal giftware. From wedding gifts, candlesticks, barware, bakeware, tea sets and frames, you are sure to find the perfect item for any occasion. Godinger products are available at most major retailers across the US and Canada.

Godinger Flatware Set in Matte Finish, 20 Piece Set from Amazon


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