KFC says Goodbye to Cutlery

So KFC has just come out with this advertisement that is an apology to cutlery as they say goodbye to utensils everywhere. These are the same people that introduced the Spork to most of us! I get that they want to be rid of plastic cutlery and are trying to be clever. But they even show someone sticking their dirty little fingers into a pile nuggies covered in gravy! What were they thinking!? Didn’t covid teach us anything about hygiene!? I know we are a little biased being a website that writes about cutlery but this seems very irresponsible! What’s next? Don’t bother with wetnaps or washing your hands?

This is just dumb. And it got us talking about KFC so I guess the ad is working. I could go for some chicken right now, think I’ll stop at Popeyes tonight.


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