“The Threek” – A Small Dinner Fork with 3 Tines

three tine forkThis is my lucky fork, every time there is one in my hand I end up happy (probably the food I’m eating). These three tined forks knows as “Threeks” are super handy for appetizers, oysters, the pickle jar and small salads or anything. Having a handful of this versatile flatware is essential for parties and patio gatherings. And they are far superior to those skinny plastic handled cocktail forks that I see people try to use. Trust me, get a dozen and you will use them more often than you think.

Chrome Plated Dinner Fork with 3 Tines, 8-Inch, Satin (Case of 12)


2 thoughts on ““The Threek” – A Small Dinner Fork with 3 Tines

  1. I’ve had a set of threeks for over thirty years. Yes, thirty years. Its a whole set of forks, spoons and knives. Do you carry the whole set? I’ve just moved and need two need two more sets of four place settings. Thanks. A three lover.

    1. Sorry, it’s hard to find a full set with threeks instead of forks. But I’ll keep my eyes open and post about it when I do.

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