Backpack Cutlery – Ozark Trail Hobo Tool – 7-in-1

Ozark Trail Hobo Tool-7-in-1


Summertime and backpacks and picnics and hikes and quick meals. We were tramping around Napa last year and found for our impromptu picnics that we needed something other than our hands or plastic cutlery. I’m calling it Backpack Cutlery.

I picked this up after the fact and so far this summer it’s proving to be pretty handy. Ozark Trail’s Hobo Tool – 7-in-1 utensil set isn’t a high priced item and if you lose it you won’t pull your hair out over it. 

It separates into two handles that include a fork, bottle opener and corkscrew (important for Napa!) on one side and a spoon and knife on the other. It’s made of stainless steel and the knife will need some sharpening to get an edge on it. It’s has a ring on it to clip onto your backpack so you don’t lose it. But I’d buy two either way as someone will borrow it “permanently” I’m certain.

Ozark Trail Hobo Tool – 7-in-1



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