Acrylic Twig Flatware by “Michael Aram Madhouse”

Michael Aram Madhouse Flatware Acrylic TwigPicnics and barbeques, that’s all I can seem to think of this time of year. And it’s a thought on a monday morning to get me through the week, how many days till the next outdoor culinary adventure?

I found this nifty set of disposable cutlery while looking for the metal version. I call this wood cut cutlery. Michael Aram Madhouse brings us this set of twig flatware that I never seen in plastic before (acrylic to be exact). It is a 12 piece set with 3 pieces per person bringing a total of 4 forks, 4 knives, and 4 spoons. Remember, it’s disposable and not dishwasher safe. Perfect to impress at the more “posh” outdoor event you could host.

 Michael Aram Madhouse Flatware Acrylic Twig – Black (12-Piece Set)




Bamboo forks and picks for snacks and cocktails

bamboo snack and cocktail forksAh…summer. Ah…the heat. Ah…the fancy drinks. Ah…the snacks.

Patio snacks and fancy cocktails are not complete without that extra flair. These bamboo forks are perfect for appetizers and made of environmental friendly bamboo. And the cute little knotted picks in a cocktail will remind you of that last trip to Mexico (well it does me anyways).

There are one hundred 3.5″ mini forks and three hundred knotted picks consisting 100 of each of 3.1″, 3.5″, 4.7″ sizes.

Please don’t be the person that uses toothpicks instead. I swear to you twice now I’ve been served appetizers on mint flavored toothpicks. The second time it happened I had just made a joke about the first time only to discover to the hosts dismay that she just made the same mistake!

 400 Piece Bamboo Cocktail & Knotted Picks and Mini Forks


Stainless Steel Barbecue Fork by OXO Good Grips

oxo grips stainless steel barbecue forkIt’s that time of year when all food should be slowly roasted in the open air. Whether you are using charcoal or propane or an open fire you need a good barbecue fork.

My experience with backyard cutlery has usually not been good. I’ve been gifted sets of bbq utensils and none are quite up to snuff. So I’ve taken to buying one quality item at a time.

OXO Good Grips line of products have done me well in the past so I’m looking at their stainless steel barbecue fork. It has a soft rubber handle and sturdy construction. It’s 19 inches long and weighs a light 7 oz with a slight curve giving it extra lifting strength. Dishwasher and of course barbecue safe.

 OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Barbecue Fork



Westiental Cutlery – Knifes, Fork and Chopsticks mixed together

Westiental-Cutlery-by-Wen-Jing-LaiWhile researching the “hybrid chopsticks” for our last post I came across this student’s concept work. This “Westiental” (a mix of West and Oriental) cutlery has a great look but I’m not too sure about the functionality. 

A quote from Kingston University graduate Wen Jing Lai: “”I first created a fork with the traditional metal handle, but replaced the teeth with bamboo – a material that is often used to produce chopsticks, this led to a series of cutlery that has been merged in terms of material, form and function in order to express this phenomenon.”

Interesting work, not in production or for sale. But interesting and inspiring none the less.

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