Fred Party People Chopsticks Utensils

Fred Party People Chopsticks UtensilsChopstick utensils? Chopstick cutlery? Chopstick flatware? I’m not sure what it should be called but it’s a chopstick hybrid of sorts that is for sure.

I like the fact that these chopsticks work well for children and chopstick beginners. This set comes in a colorful set of six with a foam base that could be used for storage (but I wouldn’t recommend it, not food safe).

Being plastic they don’t have the same grip as wood chopsticks so that is a bit of a problem. But here is where they really shine: cooking! They are amazing cooking tongs for flipping and stirring in Teflon pots and pans. That reason alone makes them worth the purchase!

 Fred Party People Chopsticks/Utensils, Set of 6




Waterford Northbridge Flatware

waterford northbridge cutleryWaterford is an Irish company that dates back to 1783. They are known more for their crystal than cutlery but produce some nice flatware.

This Waterford Northbridge 45-piece Set is made of dishwasher safe 18/10 Stainless Steel (the knives are 18/0). It is a full service for 8 that includes knife, regular and dessert spoon, and regular and salad fork. Included as well is a 5 piece serving set.

I like the lace edge design and the fact they admitted they changed up the steel for the knives.

Waterford Northbridge 18/10 Stainless Steel 45-piece Set, Service for 8


iD Cutlery by Richard Hutten

id cutlery by richard huttenNormally we start the week with some sort of conceptual design that isn’t available or in production. This design is available now for order and by Richard Hutten of Royal VKB (who do some amazing work).

This one person set of very stylish cutlery consists of 5 pieces: a storage box, chopsticks, knife, fork, dinner and dessert spoon. Made from dishwasher safe 18/10 stainless steel.
This is high end cutlery for high end dining.

iD Cutlery with Storage Box by Richard Hutten